Other electronic products

In addition to supporting various kinds of electronic payment and mobile phone top-up sales, the ASERV software facilitates the sales of a number of other products and electronic services. These include:

  • eBooks – their purchase is available in several variants: an online purchase of a title or titles (added to a cart) which are paid for in a conventional store, or a purchase of given titles done in a conventional store – where these titles are exposed in the form of hanging labels with unique barcodes. Moreover, customers may also buy cash cards (gift cards), allowing for topping-up of accounts used for purchasing eBooks,
  • insurance – as a result of our cooperation with particular insurers, we created solutions for home, travel and vehicle insurance sales
  • paysafecard – sales of prepaid cards allowing for secure online payments,
  • subscriptions for navigation programs such as AutoMapa or MapaMap, as well as Microsoft programs,
  • cash cards / gift cards offered by distributors of video games and movies, as well as the ones sold by different music services,
  • gift cards of certain chains of conventional stores.

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