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Another launch of self-service checkouts at our clients


There is a growing interest in self-service checkouts among retail chains using our software. Currently, three of our clients take advantage of this solution with the use of devices of three different manufacturers, both for cash handling and exclusively electronic payment. Due to the planned large-scale implementation of the self-service checkouts in our client’s stores, which considerably differ in size, we have created a complete self-service application. Installation of self-service checkouts in a small store, in quantities from 1 to several devices, makes sense only if they do not require the supervision of a dedicated assistant. Therefore, software running on such a point of sale must be as simple and intuitive as possible, and the number of assistant calls must be minimal. The results from the stores, including the number of transactions at these cash registers, and their share in the total number of transactions in the stores show that these goals have been achieved.

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